De Kracht van Rotterdam

aemuse researched the impact of photography contest and city exhibition De Kracht van Rotterdam.

Youth theatre school Zuidoost

For the youth theatre school in Amsterdam Southeast we made a new strategy for the new policy period and a plan for fundraising.

Ministry of OCW

For the ministry of OCW we developed the BIS-monitor, a self evaluation tool which can be used by the so called BIS organizations.

aemuse represents a new generation of thinkers and entrepreneurs. Each of our projects aims to contribute to the quality of our future society. Our expertise is to provide a unique insight into the value of cultural and other nonprofit organizations.

We call this Qualitative Impact. The concepts gives us the opportunity to grasp the specific nature of these organizations, beyond quantitative analysis. It allows us to realize innovation and improvement based on results. We use Qualitative Impact in all our projects, whether they involve the development of a new policy, the evaluation of existing policy or the creation of innovative strategies.